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Commission plans, like butterflies, are hard to pin down – and there are myriad variations!

How to Install CommissionCalc

Before updating from an older version of CommissionCalc 5.x, first uninstall that older version via Windows's uninstall procedure. That is, from Control Panel open Add/Remove Programs, select CommissionCalc, and click Change/Remove. (If you have CommissionCalc 4.x on your computer, it can be left in place and you can continue to use it after installing 5.x.) Then download and install the new version as described below.

Download & Install CommissionCalc 5.2
To download the installation wizard for CommissionCalc 5.2, please click below. The download is about 10 MB. You will be prompted for a user name and password.


You may or may not need to disable User Access Control before installing CommissionCalc. To do this, open Control Panel Home, type UAC in the search box, and follow the prompts. You can re-enable UAC after installing CommissionCalc, if you like; Microsoft recommends that you do so.

After downloading and disabling UAC if necessary, double click the file you downloaded to start the installation procedure. Normally the installation will start immediately. On rare occasions, you will get a message saying that you need another setup file. In that case, click here to download setup.exe, which is about 0.5 MB. Save it in the same folder as the msi file and double click either file to start the installation.

The first time you run CommissionCalc 5.x, it will automatically prompt you for setup parameters such as your database name and password. If you are updating from an older CommissionCalc 5.x, your existing parameters will be retained; you will not be prompted for new ones.

CommissionCalc 5.x requires different registration keys from version 4.x and prior. We will supply these at no additional charge to users with a current maintenance contract.

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