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Flaum Technologies is the expert in providing software tools that automate complex commission calculations for large and 
                    small companies worldwide. CommisionCalc
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CommissionCalc Capabilities

Because it is rule driven, CommissionCalc has virtually unlimited flexibility in the commission plans it can automate. Examples include:

Rate and Bonus Computed From

  • Product
  • Quotas or rate tiers
  • Price or discount
  • Timeliness of customer payment
  • Promotions
  • Spiffs for new customers or other reasons
  • Package size

Pay Based On

  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Quantity

Allocate Commission To

  • Internal and external salespeople employed by the company
  • Independent representatives
  • Managers
  • Support personnel

Allocate Rebates To

  • Customers
  • Parent companies
  • Buying groups

Pay Commission On

  • Receipt of full or partial payment from the customer
  • Invoicing. Charge back commission if payment is not received within a specified time or if the receivable is written off
  • Milestones, when commission is due at multiple times during the sales and performance cycle

Accrue Commission Expense On

  • Invoicing
  • Credit memo processing
  • Commission chargeback. For example, commission might be accrued on invoicing but charged back if the invoice isn't paid in 120 days

Unique Rules

These are just the common variables. CommissionCalc's rule-drive design also lets it handle truly unique plans. Three example from the many this commission module has implemented are:
  • One user has an annual quota for each customer, with each customerís year starting on the anniversary of their first purchase
  • Another pays a different commission on items picked up by a customer and those shipped to the customer
  • A third pays a commission rate based on the salespersonís lifetime sales.
All of the above can be adjusted based on product or other factors. For example, certain products may not be commissionable, each product line may have its own quota, or profit may be computed after adding overhead to direct cost.

Commission is usually based on a combination of these factors, and often others, so
CommissionCalc is designed to automate plans combining multiple rules.

Works With YOUR Accounting System

CommissionCalc  is integrated with many popular accounting systems; Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage 100 (MAS 90/200), Sage 300 (Accpac ERP), Macola Progression, and Macola 10/ES. Additionally, CommissionCalc has capabilities for importing data from generic sources (such as SQL databases and Excel spreadsheets) allowing it to work with just about any accounting system.

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