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Commission plans, like butterflies, are hard to pin down – and there are myriad variations!

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There are 3 components to the price of CommissionCalc.

1). The Software License

Standard Plus
Corporate Edition
Allows for processing up to 10,000 invoice lines per month
$2,500 $4,000
Enterprise Edition
Allows for processing an unlimited number of invoice lines per month
$5,000 $8,000
[Differences between the Standard and Plus versions]

2). The Template Development Fee

CommissionCalc uses a template to specify your commission rules.
The price for configuring your specific template is based on the complexity of your commission structure. Please contact us for a quote.

3). Annual Maintenance & Support

The annual price is typically 15-20% of your initial software license and template development fee. [more]

Prices are subject to confirmation by FTI and to the terms of FTI's purchase agreement. Exact Macola ES is available only in the Enterprise Edition.

Return on Investment

The calculator below computes how fast you will recover an investment in automating commission. Enter your numbers in the white boxes and the result will be displayed in the blue ones, with the final results at the bottom.

Most companies find that the primary benefits are labor savings and improved accuracy. Calculating labor savings is straightforward (although it is easy to forget "shadow accounting," the time salespeople spend checking their commissions.) However, the benefit of improved accuracy often exceeds expectations. Since:

olo Error rates when computing complex commission manually are typically 2% to 5%
olo Recipients are better at finding underpayments than overpayments
olo Most companies underestimate their error rate

The cash benefits are often much more than expected, and frequently exceed all other benefits combined.

Time Saved ------ $ Saved ------
# of People Hr/
Labor Rate Per
Compute Commission Manually
Accountant $480
Check & Correct Manually
Acctg deptSave accounting time. $120
Mktg deptHow CommissionCalc saves marketing time. $218
Time Saved Periods/year $15,552
Accuracy and Reports ---- $ Saved ------
$ Paid/ Period Error
Cash Savings
AccuracyEliminate overpayment. Overpayment amount. $800 $9,600
Improved Operation
MoraleSalesperson morale
ReportsReports and analysis
Improved Reporting $20,100
Annual Cost
Support contract
Net Annual Benefit $25,152
Initial Investment
CommissionCalc software license
Implementation, FTI time
Implementation, your time    Save accounting time. hr. $360
Total Investment $7,980
Contact FTI for a quote based on your requirements.
Return on Investment
Time to recover investment
5 months

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